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Construction Site Audits – Make sure you’re in compliance with OSHA regulations by having a weekly or monthly job site audit of your project. A thorough review of your job site will be completed to include pictures of issues found and what corrective measures were taken.

Weekly Safety Meetings – OSHA requires the “employer to instruct each employee in the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions and the regulations applicable to his work environment to control or eliminate any hazards or other exposure to illness or injury”. This can be accomplished in a number of ways including conducting weekly safety meetings. We are available to moderate a weekly safety meeting and compile all the documentation which OSHA may ask for when conducting an inspection.

Toolbox Talks – L.A.W. Construction Safety Consultants has a library of Tool Box Talks which are trade specific and meets the training requirements of OSHA.

Injury/Illness Recordkeeping – OSHA often cites companies for not completing the required annual recordkeeping forms and the penalty amount can be quite expensive. L.A.W. Construction Safety Consultants can ensure all of your information is up to date year after year and available immediately when an OSHA inspector comes to visit your construction site.

Incident Investigation – Has one of your employees been hurt on the job site? To ensure the same type of incident does not reoccur and hurt another employee, an incident investigation should be conducted to determine if there could be a safer way of completing the task. An incident investigation is also a useful document in the event of litigation.

Safety Manual – Have peace of mind knowing your corporate safety manual is up to date with the ever changing OSHA regulations, specific to your trade. If you currently have a safety manual, we can conduct a thorough review to ensure compliance. All safety manuals come with useful forms that can be used on any construction project. Training will be conducted with your executive management and job site management to ensure comprehension.

Fall Protection Plan – L.A.W. Construction Safety Consultants can write a site specific fall protection plan for your project detailing types of fall protection measures to be used. This plan will be a living document on the job site and updated as needed. Although it is not an OSHA requirement unless fall protection will be infeasible, it is a Best Practice that is greatly stressed to all of our clients.

Orientation Programs – To ensure all workers are trained from the very beginning of construction, orientation programs can be created and tailored to fit your specific company needs. PowerPoint programs, videos and hard hat stickers are just a few of the possibilities.

Representative During an OSHA inspection – An OSHA inspection of your job site can be stressful and overwhelming if you are not accustomed to it. Have a representative who is knowledgeable about the inspection process and the experience in knowing how to work with OSHA when they are conducting the site visit.

Representative During OSHA Informal Conference – If you have been given an OSHA violation and would like to contest it, have L.A.W. Construction Safety Consultants represent you. We have had years of experience dealing with OSHA and have a solid track record at having the monetary value of violations diminished tremendously if not deleted all together.

Site Safety Managers – L.A.W. Construction Safety Consultants can provide a full time or part time manager for your job site to monitor all activities to ensure safe work practices are being implemented. All required construction documentation will also be gathered or completed and filed by the Site Safety Manager.


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