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“Can you help me with this OSHA violation?”

Clean Up vs. Prevention

I have been working within the construction safety sector for a number of years now. I have had numerous dealings with OSHA and I like to tell prospective clients that my track record with disputing OSHA fines is quite impressive. Not only have I helped large construction firms with getting fines deleted from their record, I have helped a number of subcontractors working on my site get out of fines.

I’m not a miracle worker by any means – but I am knowledgeable about OSHA requirements. I practice prevention when working with clients. If you have all the pieces of a puzzle in place before OSHA comes to visit, you should have nothing to worry about.

On the flip side, too many companies call me after OSHA visits to perform their clean up. it’s not very easy to dispute OSHA violations when a company doesn’t have some of the essentials in place – such as a safety manual or training for their employees.

OSHA’s fines to companies small and large are getting heftier as time goes on. Some fines are way more money than the cost of a safety manual, training for employees AND safety equipment. So why are some companies still practicing clean up as opposed to prevention?

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