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Congratulations! Your bid was the winning bid on that big construction project you have had your eye on! You have the building plans printed out, the materials are bought, you have the tools to build it, and your employees are all in place. Are you forgetting anything? […]

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Qualifying Your Subcontractors

Are you a General Contractor (GC) who subcontractors all of the work on a construction site? When bidding out work, do you normally go with the lowest bidder? If so, you should be making sure those subcontractors wont bog you down with expensive OSHA violations and possibly […]

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OSHA Inspections to Ensure Compliance

The American workforce is truly our most valuable national resource. Even though the recession has taken a major toll on those who are unemployed, there are still over 120 million Americans who spend their days on a job. There is no reason why someone should work 8+ […]

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“Can you help me with this OSHA violation?”

Clean Up vs. Prevention I have been working within the construction safety sector for a number of years now. I have had numerous dealings with OSHA and I like to tell prospective clients that my track record with disputing OSHA fines is quite impressive. Not only have […]

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Three Month Enforcement Phase-In for Residential Construction Fall Protection

We have all been aware this day was coming. The June 16, 2011 date should have been tattooed on all residential construction company owner’s brains. This is the day you must be in compliance with fall protection regulations and protect your employees from falls. But it seems […]

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Fall Protection Plan

To Write or Not to Write, That is the Question Last week we discussed training requirements all contractors need to be aware of. Today we are going to talk about an equally important part of the fall protection standard – the need for a written plan stating […]

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The “New” Fall Protection Standard

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard! On June 16th, the “new” fall protection standard goes into effect for all residential contractors. Previously, certain residential construction activities were allowed to have alternative methods of fall protection such as slide guards on a roof or a safety monitor who told […]

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Does Broadway Lack Safety?

Last week, the 8 Legged Production of “Spider-Man Turn off the Dark” was fined for “exposing employees to the hazards of falls or being struck during flying routines because of improperly adjusted or unsecured safety harness,” the agency stated in a release. “Additionally, a fall hazard stemmed […]

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Building Owners and their Responsibilities during Renovation and Repair

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers are responsible for providing safe and healthful workplaces for their employees. Building owners are not immune to these policies – they can be cited as the “Controlling Contractor”. It can be argued that OSHA is currently shifting […]

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Listen Up Building Owners!

The following post was published in the January newsletter of Guardian Fall Protection. All owners of buildings/property managers need to read so they know what is needed for compliance. What Every Building Owner Needs to Know By Jack Cameron As soon as the first skyscraper went up, […]

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