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Warning for Fall Protection Anchor

I received the following email this past Wednesday. Please make sure all of your fall protection equipment is inspected on a daily basis by a competent person.

Please see the attached photos. Today a “re-usable” SafeWaze SafeClaw
Anchorage Connector failed during inspection by a contractor’s competent
person. The anchor was purchased on Monday and was in its second day of use.
The competent person was cleaning the concrete dust off of it to place it in
another hole and one of the “wedges” slipped off of the end. This
particular one is Model #4075, and it is from batch #59.

I received information that this type of anchor, although distributed by a
number of fall protection brands, is made by the same manufacturer. The
only company whose re-usable concrete anchors of this type does not come
from the same manufacturer is DBI SALA. SafeWaze has been alerted to the
problem, but until their investigation is concluded the ROICC is asking for
a temporary hold on the use of this product from all companies other than

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