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I Chose To Look The Other Way

I could have saved a life that day, But I chose to look the other way. It wasn’t that I didn’t care; I had the time, and I was there. But I didn’t want to seem a fool, Or argue over a safety rule. I knew he’d […]

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Worker Death vs. Employer Responsibility

On August 15, 2009, a 29 year old man was working on a pitched roof, 40 feet off the ground without fall protection on a Washington, Pennsylvania worksite. Unfortunately, this young man never returned home after work. Carl Beck was working for roofing contractor C.A. Franc Construction […]

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RECALL – Protecta Shock Absorbing Lanyard

The following recall was announced on Capital Safety’s website on 11/3/11. This recall is not directly associated with L.A.W. Construction Safety Consultants, LLC. 3000 cash loan Capital Safety is aware of a reported inadvertent disconnection during use of the locking snaphook used in a series of Y-shaped […]

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Fall Protection Options

Feasible or Not? Attention all residential contracting companies: September 15, 2011 is only 6 days away! If you’re not one of the many residential contracting companies that have already been fined for not providing fall protection to your employees, congratulations! But don’t pop the corks on those […]

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Three Month Enforcement Phase-In for Residential Construction Fall Protection

We have all been aware this day was coming. The June 16, 2011 date should have been tattooed on all residential construction company owner’s brains. This is the day you must be in compliance with fall protection regulations and protect your employees from falls. But it seems […]

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Fall Protection Plan

To Write or Not to Write, That is the Question Last week we discussed training requirements all contractors need to be aware of. Today we are going to talk about an equally important part of the fall protection standard – the need for a written plan stating […]

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The “New” Fall Protection Standard

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard! On June 16th, the “new” fall protection standard goes into effect for all residential contractors. Previously, certain residential construction activities were allowed to have alternative methods of fall protection such as slide guards on a roof or a safety monitor who told […]

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Fall Protection and the Residential Contractor

Are you a residential contractor? Are your workers exposed to fall hazards? If you answered yes to any of these questions, do you also feel as though June 16th is an important date you need to prepare for? Well, you should answer yes to this too! Why? […]

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Warning for Fall Protection Anchor

I received the following email this past Wednesday. Please make sure all of your fall protection equipment is inspected on a daily basis by a competent person. Please see the attached photos. Today a “re-usable” SafeWaze SafeClaw Anchorage Connector failed during inspection by a contractor’s competent person. […]

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More on FAll Protection for Residential Construction

The following information is from the OSHA website under the Fall Protection directive for residential construction: If an employer is engaged in residential construction, but does not provide guardrail systems, safety net systems, personal fall arrest systems, or other fall protection allowed under 1926.501(b), a citation for […]

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