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More on FAll Protection for Residential Construction

The following information is from the OSHA website under the Fall Protection directive for residential construction:

  1. If an employer is engaged in residential construction, but does not provide guardrail systems, safety net systems, personal fall arrest systems, or other fall protection allowed under 1926.501(b), a citation for violating 1926.501(b)(13) should be issued unless the employer can demonstrate the infeasibility of these protective measures or the existence of a greater hazard. If the employer demonstrates infeasibility or a greater hazard, the CSHO must determine if the employer has implemented a fall protection plan meeting the requirements of 1926.502(k). Part of that determination will be based on whether the employer has instituted alternative measures to reduce or eliminate fall hazards.
  2. Under STD 03-00-001, the employer was not required to have a fall protection plan that was written and site-specific. With the cancellation of STD 03-00-001, fall protection plans under 1926.502(k) must be written and site-specific. If the fall protection plan is not written, site-specific, or otherwise fails to meet the requirements of 1926.502(k), the violation should be cited as a grouped citation of 1926.501(b)(13) and 1926.502(k). A written plan developed for repetitive use for a particular style/model home will be considered site-specific with respect to a particular site only if it fully addresses all issues related to fall protection at that site.

What does all this mean??? It means, you must have a fall protection plan in place BEFORE construction starts. This plan may be updated throughout construction but it is imperative that a plan is in place. The OSHA inspector will ask for it and if you don’t have one, or it is not acceptable, fines will be issued!!!

Don’t get caught without a fall protection plan in place. Call L.A.W. Construction Safety Consultants today to discuss how your plan can be put together to ensure the safety of all your employees.

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