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Benefits of a Safety Consultant vs. Full Time Company Safety Manager

As per OSHA, most companies must provide a safe work environment for all of their employees. Unfortunately most construction companies laid off their safety department due to lack of work within the last 2 years. Now that construction seems to be picking up a bit, the question […]

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OSHA Inspections to Ensure Compliance

The American workforce is truly our most valuable national resource. Even though the recession has taken a major toll on those who are unemployed, there are still over 120 million Americans who spend their days on a job. There is no reason why someone should work 8+ […]

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Budgeting for Construction Safety

Whether it’s an OSHA fine or an accident, budgeting for safety on your jobsite is very important and must be thought about before any work can begin.     New construction finally seems to be making a comeback. Current forecasts have been positive. But the industry is […]

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