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Respirators and the Employer’s Responsibility

Are your workers wearing respirators? Are you in compliance with OSHA’s Respiratory Protection standard? If you’re not, you’re looking at some hefty fines if OSHA shows up. The OSHA Respiratory Protection standard can be found under 29 CFR 1910.134 as well as 29 CFR 1926.103 on the […]

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Dust Masks and You (While on Construction Sites)

Do you know whether or not the chemicals or products you are using on the jobsite requires you to wear a respirator? Do you know that you have to wear a respirator but not sure which type? Are you currently wearing a respirator but you’ve never been […]

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Nail Gun Safety

Last week, OSHA and NIOSH released a new guidance document “Nail Gun Safety – A Guide for Construction Contractors“. This document is intended to help employers and their workers maintain a safe and injury free environment while working with nail guns. It is also yet another document […]

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Heat Stress Phone App from OSHA

OSHA released a new app for the Android phone (iPhone and Blackberry are coming soon) in English and Spanish to help workers and supervisors calculate the heat index for your construction site which will then provide you with a risk level. From there you can get reminders […]

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Hot Weather and Construction Work: A Deadly Combination

I was going to continue my posts regarding fall protection after a short (and very busy) hiatus but after looking through my “Search Engine Terms” I noticed that all the searches lately have to do with the hot weather blanketing much of the country and how to […]

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Dust Mask Respirators – Make Sure You’re in Compliance

Does this sound like you? You have employees who wear disposable dust masks, but you’re not sure if that means you need to have a full-blown respirator program. Did you tell your employee to put on the dust mask or did they decide to wear it voluntarily? […]

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Training for Your Employees and Subcontractors

Do you know what training is required per OSHA when employees are working on construction sites? If you don’t, you better keep reading. When OSHA comes onto a construction site for a specific hazard, 9 times out of 10, they will ask for your training documentation. If […]

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